Mr. Abdelkadir Abdalla Mohammad

Mr. Abdelkadir Abdalla Mohammad is a Sudanese lawyer admitted to the Sudanese Bar Association since 2001. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, Al Neelain University in 1999 in the Republic of Sudan.  Mr. Abdelkadir has about 21 years of practical experience in the field of law and legal consultations and has extensive experience and knowledge of several Arab laws such as Qatari law and Emirati law in addition to Sudanese laws.

Mr. Abdelkadir has represented many clients and provided legal advice throughout the period of his experience on various disputes, especially individual and corporate commercial disputes. His scope of his expertise includes a wide range of legal services, such as handling all types of cases and disputes before the courts and judicial authorities of various types and degrees, drafting contracts, and establishing companies of all types, in addition to providing legal consultations of various kinds.

He has been practicing law in the State of Qatar for 15 years, during which he gained extensive experience and knowledge of Qatari laws. He also gained extensive experience related to the business environment from working in prestigious commercial institutions, companies, and law firms in the State of Qatar. Not to mention the vast experiences he gained from providing legal services to many Sudanese companies and law firms as well as advising institutions and companies, especially in the State of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Abdelkadir has distinct legal expertise in disputes and consultations related to the field of maritime trade and marine insurance, whether for vessels, protection and compensation clubs and disputes related to goods transported by sea, whether in the Republic of Sudan or the State of Qatar, where he handled many disputes related to these activities of various kinds.

He has also gained extensive experience in labour disputes, commercial contracts, contracting, general construction, disputes related to securities trading and criminal lawsuits from serving as a legal advisor to major contracting companies in the State of Qatar. He has gained vast experience in legal matters related to the Qatari financial market and provided numerous legal consultations and handled many financial disputes before the regulatory authorities.

Mr. Abdelkadir also has extensive experience in legal matters related to the establishment of businesses and commercial companies, general assemblies’ meetings, governance, legal auditing, and compliance rules for regulatory bodies, whether in the State of Qatar or the Republic of Sudan.



  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Labour & Employment
  • Insurance



  • Lawyer accepted by the all Courts of the Republic of Sudan.
  • Certified lawyer admitted to the Non-Qatari Lawyers Admission Committee for lawyer working for Qatari law firms.



  • Member of Sudanese Bar Association



  • Bachelor of laws (LLB) from Al Neelain University – Republic of Sudan.



  • 2018 – Present – Legal Counsel at Essa Al Sulaiti Law Firm – State of Qatar
  • 2012 to 2018 – Legal Counsel and Director of Legal Affairs of High Power and Change Construction – State of Qatar
  • 2010 to 2012 – Legal Counsel at Al Asad Group – State of Qatar
  • 2007 to 2009 – Legal Counsel at Mohammed Nasser Al-Fadala Law Firm – State of Qatar
  • 2007 to 2009 – Associate at Salah El-Din Ali Hassan Al-Sadiq Law Firm – Republic of Sudan