Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Kabel

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Kabel has been a member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 1999. He obtained his law degree from Tanta University in 1997. He also obtained a diploma in public law in 2013, and a diploma in economic and financial sciences in 2014, MA in law in 2014 from Mansoura University.

Mr. Kabel has done much research and studies in the legal and tax fields. He has also delivered several lectures on various Qatari laws, including labor law, rental law, and income tax law. He also holds many courses in accounting for non-commercials, bookkeeping, financial companies, and preparing tax returns, among many others.

Mr. Kabel is well-versed in all Qatari laws and their updates, and he closely monitors all newly issued laws in all legal fields, especially civil law, and its various sectors. He also compares them to their Egyptian counterparts, making it easier to understand the objectives sought by the legislator in creating new provisions or amending existing ones.

With his continuous knowledge, Mr. Kabel possesses exceptional abilities in interpreting laws and rulings, as well as monitoring the established rulings, enabling him to make scientific comments on laws and rulings with the support of jurisprudential opinions and established judicial rulings in both the Qatari and Egyptian judiciary. His excellent abilities and scientific and practical experience in the fields of taxes and finance, along with his legal experience that spans over 24 years since the beginning of his career until now, which has significantly enhanced his abilities and capabilities.

Mr. Kabel has vast experience and complete knowledge of all Qatari legislation, the legal system and litigation procedures before the various courts and judicial committees (rent, insurance, pensions, labour dispute resolution committees, among others).

Mr. Kabel is highly experienced in professionally and accurately drafting various types of contracts, in accordance with the latest updates in laws. He has drafted numerous contracts in various fields, such as corporate contracts, construction contracts, sale contracts, lease contracts, marketing and agency contracts, athlete and agent contracts, and more.

Moreover, Mr. Kabel possesses exceptional negotiation skills to resolve any disputes raised by or against his clients in a manner that ensures the greatest benefit for the client and ending them with a legal agreement that guarantees no adverse consequences or subsequent damages to the client.

Starting his career in 1999 in one of the most renowned law firms in Egypt, that handled many high-profile cases, especially civil and commercial cases, which enriched his practical abilities, skills, and experience extensively.

Mr. Kabel worked as a lawyer until 2002 when he joined the Egyptian Tax Authority at the Ministry of Finance. He took on many technical positions as an examination officer and then as an officer in the Cases Division, during which he has examined lots and lots of tax issues and disputes over the years of his work.

At the beginning of 2016, Mr. Kabel started working in the State of Qatar as a legal counsel in one of the Qatari law firms, and had a prominent role in its success in the disputes and cases he had been assigned to.

Mr. Kabel then moved to Essa Al Sulaiti Law Firm from 2020, and since joining the firm he has been contributing with the firm’s staff in reflecting ESLF’s high-quality legal service and achieving outstanding achievements in resolving disputes, major issues and cases that need special skills and abilities such as commercial, tax and corporate matters.

Mr. Kabel has taken on a vast and diverse range of cases, including civil and commercial cases, some of which have reached claim amounts exceeding QAR 50 million. He has also won cases in which our clients were awarded sums of several million Qatari riyals, including tax cases where the disputed amount with the General Tax Authority exceeded QAR 3 million. In addition, he has successfully represented our clients in labor cases where judgments exceeding QAR 1 million were awarded to workers and pursued until full payment was received. And other rulings in which the value of dues exceeds 150,000 Qatari riyals, and they have also been implemented. He has also successfully defended labor lawsuits with a total value of more than QAR 1.3 million against our client. Mr. Kabel has also represented clients in landlord-tenant disputes where judgments were issued in favor of both landlords and tenants. One of our clients, the tenant, was awarded a judgment exceeding QAR 5 million for the termination of the lease contract and the rejection of the landlord’s claims. He has also handled family and inheritance disputes at all levels of litigation, including primary, appellate, and cassation courts.



  • Corporate & Commercial cases
  • Labour & Employment
  • Property & Real Estate
  • Retail



  • Member of the Egyptian Bar Association



  • Master’s degree in Law (MA) Mansoura University – 2014 – Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Diploma in Economic and Financial Sciences – 2014 – Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Diploma in Public Law – 2013 – Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Bachelor of laws (LLB) from Tanta University – GPA (Good) – 1997 – Arab Republic of Egypt.



  • 2020 – Present – Legal Counsel at Essa Al Sulaiti Law Firm – State of Qatar
  • 2016 to 2020 – Legal Counsel at a Law Firm – State of Qatar
  • 2002 – Present – First Grade Position at the Ministry of Finance – Egyptian Tax Authority – Arab Republic of Egypt
  • 1999 to 2002 – Freelance Lawyer