Mrs. Paraskevoula Ntai

Mrs. Paraskevoula Ntai, of Greek nationality, was admitted as an Italian lawyer in 2013. She is familiar with European Laws and Regulations and has years of experience collaborating with Qatari Law firms to assist with international clients (companies and individuals). Mrs. Ntai has represented clients as their legal counsel in mediation and litigation proceedings held under the Italian Civil Law. Additionally, Mrs. Ntai has been collaborating with Essa Al Sulaiti Law Firm since 2020 to share their mission of providing attentive, effective representation.

Blending a formal academic background in law with proven experience in negotiation and contract administration, Mrs. Ntai always aims to provide exceptional legal consultations to clients by assisting them to understand the rules and regulations whilst finding the best solutions for their legal issues. Mrs. Ntai uses her Greek, Italian and English-speaking skills to build and enhance relationships within the different Expat communities in Qatar, offering consultancy services regarding their rights and obligations in the State. Throughout her legal experience, she has also advised clients on disputes concerning inheritance law, insurance, debt recovery and offered legal assistance in bankruptcy proceedings.

In the field of Criminal Law, Mrs. Ntai confidently provides Risk Analysis advice regarding corporate offenses due to her experience with Organizational, Management, and Control Models pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 (in compliance with the principles set forth in EU legislation on the prevention of corporate crimes and the assessment of companies’ liability). Mrs. Ntai manages a strong relationship between Qatar and Italy by proudly being the representative of FederItaly (an Italian non-profit association of companies) within Qatar.

Areas of practice:

  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Arbitration
  • Criminal